Why Mobile Learning is 'Fun' vs. Desktop

Posted on April 4, 2016

When learning is fun, people are more likely to do it. This means learners gain valuable skills and knowledge quicker, which benefits their own personal development as well as the company or organisation they work for. Delivering courses and lessons on mobile devices is one of the best ways of creating fun learning experiences. Why is this?

Why mobile learning is more fun than learning on a desktop:

  1. Desktops Are For Work

    Many people equate their desktop to work. It is the thing they work on for most of the day doing tasks that might be mundane or stressful. Mobile phones are also often used for work, however they are also very personal devices and are used by people for entertainment, social networking and playing games.

    All of these things are fun, and that carries through to other tasks, including mobile learning. This is obviously enhanced when the mobile learning course includes fun activities, like quizzes and games, but in general mobiles are for enjoyment and desktops are for work.

  2. Mobiles Are Easier To Use

    When you use a tool that you are not completely confident using, you can be hesitant and you can become frustrated. Neither of these things are fun. Many people are on their phones for multiple hours a day, though. They use familiar apps and services, and are willing to try out new things because they are very comfortable with the way their phone works.

  3. People Already Play Games On Their Mobiles

    People do play games on desktops, but this is usually restricted to serious gamers. Almost everyone – from stay-at-home mums to working singletons to those on the wrong side of middle age – play games on mobile phones. It is something that is normal and accepted. The gamification tools that are available on mobile learning courses therefore feel natural.

  4. It's More Natural To Be Social On Mobile

    One of the more common uses of a mobile phone is sharing. This is why most major social media networks focus their technology on mobile users. People find social sharing a fun and rewarding thing to do – this is another reason why mobile learning has the edge over desktops in the ‘fun’ stakes.

  5. You Can Learn / Play Anywhere On Mobile

    It is not easy to do a quick, unplanned lesson on a desktop. You have to be in the room where the desktop is installed, or have your laptop with you. You have to go through the rigmarole of turning it on, and you must have the space and time in order to do it properly. None of these issues exist with mobile devices. They are always with you and they are always on, so are perfect for spontaneous learning sessions.

To make your course successful you should make it fun and the best way to do that is to design it for mobile.

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