Why micro and mobile learning are a perfect match

Posted on May 3, 2016

Microlearning involves taking short, bite size lessons on a daily basis. It is an increasingly popular method of learning because it matches how our brains work, so it is easier to retain information. Mobile learning refers to the method of delivery - learners complete the course on a mobile device, usually a smartphone.

You can use microlearning techniques on courses that are not completed by learners on mobiles. You can also create mobile learning courses that do not utilise microlearning. In other words, the concepts do not have to work together.

That said; they are the perfect match. Here is why microlearning and mobile learning work so well together.

For Course Creators

Course creators want tools that help them to easily design courses that can be used by all potential learners, and that get a good result. Here is how marrying mobile learning with micro learning can help you achieve this:

Cost effective - creating a mobile learning course is a cost effective method of production. This will leave you more resources to spend on the content of your course. • Easy to maintain and update – updating a mobile learning course is a straightforward process. Once the update is complete it can be pushed to a user’s device, so is available immediately. Micro learning also facilitates easy maintenance and updating of courses. This is because you can update or change individual lessons without impacting on the rest of the course. • Low levels of customer support – one of the reasons that people use their phones so much is that they are easy to use. People are comfortable with phone functionality, so you will receive less technical support questions than you would if the course was presented on a computer. • Improved results – both mobile learning and microlearning help to improve results. People enjoy using their phones, and courses presented in this format fit with their lifestyle. In addition micro learning helps people learn quicker and retain the information for longer.

For The Learner

There are also direct benefits to the learner of completing a course on a mobile that use microlearning techniques:

On the go – because the course is on their mobile they can continue with it, or complete a lesson, anytime and anywhere. The microlearning format also facilitates this. • Less planning required – when using a computer for learning you have to set aside time. Mobile learning courses are much more fluid and flexible, which fits perfectly with the micro learning model. • With people always – learners can also complete a lesson whenever they want as they always have their phones with them. This is unlike any other form of technology, including laptops or tablets. • Easy to use – as already mentioned, people use their phones every day for a variety of different tasks, so they are comfortable with them. Everything from installing apps to navigating the content is natural and intuitive.

Mobile learning and microlearning work so well together that it is easy to mistake them as being the same concepts. They’re not, but pairing them up will get you the best results.

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