Why learners are more engaged on their mobile

Posted on April 19, 2016

Learners are more engaged when they use a mobile device to go through a course, but why is that so? The reasons go beyond the learning sector to mobile use in general.

Most people have a computer in their home – a laptop or a desktop. However, they will often use their mobile device before turning on the computer. They do this because it’s more convenient and they’re more comfortable with the interface on mobile.

Many large tech companies have noticed this change in behaviour. In other words, the use of mobile is about much more than the ability to use a mobile device while on the move; even when people have the option to choose a computer, they still opt for mobile.

As a result, people are generally more engaged with mobile devices than they are with computers. They use them more often and for a broad range of things – a range that is much bigger than their use of computers. Mobile devices are used for work, communication, social interactions, banking, shopping, browsing the Internet, gaming, and, of course, learning.

So, people are more engaged with learning on mobile devices because they are more engaged overall with mobile devices.

Specific Benefits Of Learning On Mobile

More Fun – most mobile phone or tablet use is for personal purposes, rather than work purposes. As a result, the devices are perceived as being more fun. This makes learners feel more inclined to progress through their course, particularly when it utilises tools that are also perceived as being fun, such as gamification elements.

More Sociable – social media is now widely used, and most people access and interact with it using a mobile device. As a result, sharing and communicating via social media on a mobile device is becoming second nature. You can benefit from this when you have social elements built in to your course.

Can Be Used Anywhere – learning courses on mobile devices are available anywhere and anytime. This is appealing to users because they can complete modules at a time that suits them. For example, instead of having to make time at work or home to continue a course, they can go through some modules on the train on their way in to work. This empowers the learner, which helps make them more engaged.

The Comfort Factor – most people spend significant amounts of time on their phone every day. As a result, they have become highly adept at using their mobile device. The positive impacts of this should not be underestimated when it comes to mobile learning. If the learner is nervous or uncomfortable about the system that they’re using, they will delay or make excuses not to use it. However, this won’t happen with a mobile device. In fact, rather than being a barrier, mobile devices actually encourage use.

When a learner is properly engaged with the course they are doing, they will be more likely to do it within a proper timeframe. More importantly, they will get through the course more successfully and retain more information. Mobile devices help users achieve a much higher level of engagement.

Why Mobile Learning is Key

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