Mobile learning, the first choice for field staff

Posted on May 12, 2016

Both businesses and employees benefit from mobile learning. This includes small businesses operating from a single location through to large businesses with disparate workforces. For field staff in particular, mobile learning is a powerful tool.

Mobile Learning Is Mobile

The obvious reason why mobile learning suits field staff is that it is mobile. This means they can take the course with them wherever they are and complete modules as part of their normal working day.

The alternative is to take time out of regular duties (often significant amounts of time) to attend long-form training sessions, workshops or complete a training course on a computer. Mobile learning is more practical.

More Efficient

Mobile learning courses are sent to members of staff in the field, rather than them coming to take part in a training session. This is a more efficient as they don’t spend time travelling.

In addition they can progress through the course at a pace that suits them. They can complete familiar sections quickly, while more time can be spent on new information or skills. This is not as easy to do with other forms of learning, particularly those that involve a trainer delivering the information. For example, in an office environment, it is possible to do quick refreshers or recaps in the days or weeks after a main training session. This is much more difficult for a member of staff in the field to participate in. The compromise is usually that these follow ups take place over the phone, or not at all.

Mobile learning overcomes this completely.

More Productive

Members of staff in the field face the same pressures on their time as members of staff in an office or headquarters environment. Taking time out to travel and/or participate in a training course via eLearning or in a group setting is therefore sometimes frustrating. That frustration is compounded when the employee feels the training is not completely relevant to them or is not progressing quickly enough. This is because they are thinking about the work that is building up that they will need to deal with when they get back to normal duties.

There is a flip side to this too, where employees feel the training is too advanced or is progressing faster than they can keep up with. This increases alienation and creates a more significant disconnect between the employee and the company than any physical distance would create.

Mobile learning solves these problems as it is focused on what is important, without any waffle or superfluous content. In addition your team can progress at a pace that suits them. This increases confidence in your staff and makes them feel valued.

Access To Information Quickly

Finally, mobile learning courses are updated and distributed quickly so that you and members of your team can have the confidence that all your employees, including those based in the field, are getting the most up-to-date information.

In the modern world, members of staff in the field live by their phones. They use them for communication, reporting, and to complete tasks. It is natural that they should use them for learning too.

Mobile learning on-the-go

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