How widespread is BYOD?

Posted on April 27, 2016

BYOD is a policy adopted by many companies, and it has been growing. Even if a company, business owner or manager is not aware of the term BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), they are aware of the concept – allowing an employee to use their personal mobile phone or tablet in the workplace and outside for work purposes. While BYOD is permitted by many companies, what exactly is the situation today? If it’s such a good idea, why are some companies still not willing to implement such a policy? And what does research tell us about trends for the future?

Here are some key facts and figures.

How Many Companies Currently Permit BYOD?

• Research by Tech Pro Research found that 59 percent of companies permit BYOD • A further 13 percent don't currently permit it, but have plans to change their policy • That means 72 percent of companies either permit BYOD or plan to permit it in the future - this is up from 62 percent in 2013 • These figures are backed up by Cisco, who found that 60 percent of companies already permit BYOD, with 14 percent planning to do so in the near future

What Type Of Companies Permit BYOD?

• Tech Pro Research found that companies with fewer than 50 employees were more likely to permit BYOD • It also found that BYOD was most common in the manufacturing and education sectors • Cisco's research shows that 71 percent of companies with 50 to 249 employees permit BYOD • 51 percent of companies who allow BYOD say they do so to improve employee flexibility • 47 percent of companies say BYOD helps them improve productivity

What About Companies That Don't Allow BYOD?

• 78 percent of companies have security concerns with BYOD • 49 percent of companies said they were concerned about the support that would have to be provided by their IT teams if BYOD was permitted

Other Interesting BYOD Facts

• 70 percent of BYOD decision makers believe that BYOD has had a positive impact on their company • Employees who use their own devices for work save an average of 37 minutes per week

Why Do Employees Like BYOD?

• 49 percent of employees say that it helps them get more work done • 46 percent say they use BYOD because it helps them combine their work and personal lives

What About The Future?

Juniper Research predicts that there will be one billion BYOD devices by 2018

To summarize, BYOD is widespread, despite concerns over security and pressure on IT departments. In many respects, these concerns are being answered by the mobile industry. For example, fingerprint security and other biometric security measures are now common on the latest phone models, making them much more secure. When companies look at this, as well as the benefits offered by BYOD, it becomes a much more attractive option.

One of the benefits of BYOD is that it makes mobile learning a much more viable option. It means that a company can not only realise the benefits of improved productivity and communication that BYOD brings, but can also improve the skills and knowledge of their employees through mobile learning.

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