Why a cloud based authoring tool should be your first choice

Posted on April 12, 2016

When you are looking at learning management systems (LMS) or course authoring tools you will have a number of options. They can be broadly divided into two categories: those that are installed and used on your local systems; and those that are based in the cloud. For most mobile learning and eLearning experts, cloud based authoring tools are the best choice.

Why cloud based authoring tools are the best choice:

  1. Scalable

    This is a benefit of almost all cloud based solutions as they can be expanded and scaled as your business grows or your needs change.

  2. No software to install and configure

    This is another benefit that is common with all types of cloud based solutions. Having a course or lesson authoring tool that is cloud based puts less strain on your IT department.

  3. No software to update and maintain

    Similarly, cloud based authoring tools require no updating or maintenance as this is all done automatically, i.e. when you access the authoring tool in the cloud, you are always accessing the most up-to-date version

  4. Reduces duplication of efforts

    With a cloud based authoring tool everyone works from the same resources, courses, or modules. This limits the potential of two people working on the same section on different, independent systems.

  5. Content is more secure

    Content is less likely to be lost when using a cloud based authoring tool, plus backups are completed automatically

  6. Keeps courses up-to-date

    It is much easier to keep courses up-to-date when using a cloud based authoring tool. This ensures learners always access the most current version of the course.

  7. Courses can be delivered on multiple platforms

    When the authoring tool is in the cloud, the delivery method is almost always cloud based too. This means there is no software for learners to install either.

  8. Enables real time collaboration

    Cloud based authoring tools facilitate real time collaboration between course creators and content producers. This speeds up the time it takes to create courses and lessons, improves quality, and makes review processes more efficient.

  9. Can be accessed at any time and from anywhere

    This is another main benefit of all cloud based services, and mobile learning authoring tools are no different. Course creators can access the tools to continue working on, update, or change any course without the restriction of having to be at a particular computer or system. Instead it can be access from anywhere.

  10. Faster deployment

    Because there is no software to install or configure when setting up, course creators can start producing their content immediately on a cloud based solution. Also, deployment of completed courses to learners is faster than the equivalent processes on desktop based solutions.

  11. Lower costs

    Cloud based solutions usually have lower entry costs, and lower ongoing costs. When you factor in all the savings that are made in terms of resources, efficiencies, and because there is no need to purchase IT equipment, the savings can be substantial.

In general, cloud based solutions are more flexible and agile. In the modern workplace, this makes them ideal for both mobile learning and micro learning solutions.

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