6 Benefits Of An All-In-One Learning Solution

Posted on February 29, 2016

Advantages Of An All-In-One Learning Solution

You have lots of options open to you when designing a course, lesson or training session. You can use face-to-face environments in real life or virtually through video conferencing. You can write an eBook, use an eLearning system, or you can use a mobile learning solution. You can also use a combination of any or all of these, utilising different options for different parts of the course.

There are significant advantages to the learning experience, and to your experience creating a course or lesson, of using an all-in-one solution. These are solutions that can deliver all elements of your course or lesson on one platform - video tutorials, audio elements, quizzes, text content, images, etc.

For example, you could use a mobile learning solution such as Ed to handle your course or lesson from start to finish. If you adopt this approach you wouldn't do things like arrange additional face-to-face sessions, create printed handouts, or distribute video outside of the mobile learning platform. Instead all the elements would be created, contained, and deployed through the mobile learning management system.

6 Benefits Of An All-In-One Learning Solution

  • Course continuity – having different methods of delivering course content can be disjointing for learners. This can have negative consequences as their learning progress might slow, and they may lose motivation. Maintaining continuity through standardised processes is therefore important. This applies to everything from the tone of the material to the device that the material is delivered on.

  • Avoids technical barriers – delivering content using different systems can introduce new technologies or devices which can lead to technical and compatibility issues. This can be frustrating for a learner and often slows their progress.

  • Consistency – by keeping all the material related to the course and the method of delivery on one platform you create consistency for the learner. This familiarity will give them more confidence in what they are doing, and enable them to maintain a consistent pace of learning.

  • More flexible – using an all-in-one learning solution means you can introduce different media, activities, and features into your course without worrying about technical or compatibility issues. These features make the learning experience more fun, rewarding, and productive.

  • Easier to update and change – using an all-in-one solution is also easier for you as a course creator to manage your course. You only have to use one system, and changes and updates can be applied quickly and deployed to users easily. This will make you more productive, which will give you better returns on your investment.

  • Cost – using an all-in-one system also helps you to keep your costs down. This includes costs of systems as well as other materials, equipment, travel expenses, and more.

All-in-one mobile learning management systems offer a comprehensive range of features, so you will not have to leave anything out or compromise on the content of your course. At the same time you can benefit from the points mentioned above.

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