5 Reasons Why Mobile Learning is Good For Company Culture

Posted on March 18, 2016

Having a good company culture will help you attract better employees, retain those employees and, ultimately, deliver better products and services to your clients. Mobile learning can help you achieve this.

Here are five reasons why mobile learning is good for company culture:

  1. Shows You Are A Progressive Company

    Every employee wants to know that the company they work for is looking to the future, is innovative, and is taking constant steps to remain relevant. This is what new recruits look for in a company. It also helps to prevent your existing employees from looking for alternative employment.

    Mobile learning is cutting edge technology so is one way that you can demonstrate to your employees that you are progressive. The beauty of it is that while it is cutting edge, it is also straight forward to implement.

  2. Strengthens The Sense Of Team

    Lots of things affect the strength of the team atmosphere in your company. This includes individuals feeling they do not have the skills or knowledge to properly contribute. On the flipside to this, other individuals, including supervisors and managers, lack confidence that everyone is able to deliver because there are gaps in knowledge and skills levels.

    Mobile learning can significantly solve these issues in your company because it is an accessible and effective learning tool. Traditional barriers to learning are removed as people can learn at their own pace, leading to a quick levelling out of the knowledge and skills levels across your team. This gives everyone more confidence – in themselves, and in each other.

  3. Creates A Culture Of Learning

    Everyone wants to improve in life, whether that is learning a new skill, picking up a new hobby, or getting better at golf. Creating a culture of learning enables you to tap into this desire for knowledge and improvement. It also gives your employees a sense of progression and achievement.

    Mobile learning will show that your company is committed to ongoing learning and personal development.

  4. Increases Workforce Motivation

    Every business leader knows that workforce motivation is essential. If you could draw a graph measuring workforce motivation and profit levels, the lines are likely to follow the same trajectory. Note, however, that this point says “workforce” motivation, not “employee motivation”. Both are important, but often workforce motivation is harder to achieve.

    Mobile learning can help. It raises the skills and knowledge levels of your whole team in a way that other methods cannot. You can even create a culture of competition and/or sharing results for praise/acknowledgement. This will increase the motivation in your workforce.

  5. Improves Employee Confidence

    When an employee thinks that they can’t, they won’t. That is unhelpful in your organisation, particularly if you want people to be innovative, problem solvers, and have the ability to work on their own initiative.

    Your employees will dramatically improve their skills and knowledge through mobile learning and, because of the way the courses are structured, they will have a real sense of their progress. This will improve their confidence.

All of these things combined will help you to create a better company culture.


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