5 Reasons To Embrace Mobile Learning

Posted on February 22, 2016

The internet has changed the way in which people learn. It has opened up new opportunities for both learners and course creators alike. Mobile learning, however, is taking the trend for online course delivery and completion to a whole new level.

Here are five reasons why you should embrace mobile learning in your organisation.

1. Growth In Smartphone Use

The giants of the internet – such as Facebook, Google, eBay, and Amazon - long ago recognised the importance of mobile. In fact, in many of these companies the decision was taken that mobile was the most important part of the strategy to get right. Everything else would flow from that. Why? People are using smartphones in increasing numbers. Research by the media measurement company comScore found that 79 percent of mobile phones in the US in December 2015 were smartphones. People are also spending more time on their phones, and they are doing more things on them.

2. Anywhere, Anytime Learning

A mobile device gives more flexibility to the learner than any other medium. They can get 20 minutes in on the commute to work, 15 minutes over a coffee at lunchtime, or half an hour on the sofa in the evening while waiting for the game that their partner is watching to finish. In all of these situations, and hundreds more similar examples, the user can open the app and start learning in seconds, right where they left off. Laptops and computers are more time-consuming to use, awkward, bulky, and obtrusive. The level of flexibility that mobile devices offer, on the other hand, empowers the user and encourages them to continue through the course.

3. Better Engagement

Users are more engaged with learning modules and courses that are delivered through mobile devices. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that they have the flexibility to work through the course at a time and pace that suits them. Doing the course on a computer or laptop requires specific time to be set aside, which too often results in the course not getting done. Also, gamifying the course increases the engagement even more. It adds fun, reward, and competitive spirit to the experience.

4. Multimedia, But Highly Personal

Mobile learning courses can be as media-rich as you want them to be - text, images, videos, podcasts, and more. Of course, you can include multimedia learning materials on courses designed for computers, but those devices are not as personal as a mobile device. So, you get the advantage of delivering content directly to the user while not having to compromise on the quality of that content.

5. Comfortable

People use their mobile devices for banking, shopping, dating, communication with friends, checking the weather, getting directions, recording life's memories, and much, much more. They do this because they are comfortable with mobile. According to research by eMarketer, people in the US spend an average of three hours a day using their mobile. Mobile devices are convenient, and users are comfortable with the functionality, security, and quality of performance. It makes sense, therefore, to deliver your course on such a device.

Finally, we have a bonus reason why you should embrace mobile learning – it’s easy. You don’t need to build your own app or employ a team of developers. With mobile learning management systems, anyone can realise the benefits of this new way of delivering courses.

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