3 Elements to Look for in a Mobile LMS

Posted on November 29, 2015

A mobile LMS with the following features will help you create effective mobile courses that increase completion and retention rates.

mobileLMS on the go

Mobile lessons that utilize micro-learning, give learners the flexibility to complete bite-sized lessons on the move.

Mobile LMS stands for Mobile Learning Management System. It is a tool that lets you create, administer and deliver courses, lessons or training programs to be completed on a mobile device.

Mobile LMS platforms come with a myriad of features that enable you to create content-rich and comprehensive courses that are delivered on devices most users feel incredibly comfortable using; their mobile.

What should a mobile LMS do to be effective? What are the features and capabilities that should be built in?

Here are three elements to look for:

1. Easy To Use

You should not have to be a coder or graphic designer to use a good mobile LMS. Instead, it should have a straightforward interface that has simple controls and templates that allow you to quickly create your course. There shouldn't be a steep learning curve either. The ideal mobile LMS is one that is feature rich while being intuitive enough that you can immediately start making courses without having to read manuals or watch instructional videos.

This ease of use should apply regardless of the type of course that you are creating or the media that you are using. This means it should be as easy to include a video in your course as it is to type out a paragraph of text.

2. Facilitates Micro-Learning

Just because a course is delivered by an LMS and is completed by a user on a mobile device, does not mean it uses micro-learning principles. These principles have to be built into your course when you are planning content, and you then need to use features in the mobile LMS to make the micro-learning experience work. This includes being able to break the content up so it is delivered to the user in small chunks that are quick to complete and easy to keep track of. Micro-learning is a great way to learn because the user can find out about a new topic or pick up a new skill in one sitting, instead of going through a marathon training session.

Micro-learning features should also have notification tools so that you can set up an automated process that reminds people they still have lessons to complete.

3. Includes Gamification Features

There are lots of benefits available to you if you gamify your course, including better retention rates of the information once the course is finished and more engagement. Any mobile LMS that you choose should include gamification features as standard, and they should be simple to set up and slot into your course. From your users’ perspective, the gamification features should be interesting, fun, and intuitive to use.

The gamification features don’t have to be complicated and should not turn your course into a game. It should still be about learning but including things like rewards, accomplishment badges and quizzes that will make your course more interactive and engaging.

The idea behind mobile learning is simple – get more people to finish your course, retain the knowledge, and complete it quickly. A mobile LMS with the above elements will help you achieve this.

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